Michael in the Media

Michael in the Media

Michael has featured in the media a number of times now. Where possible we will provide a link to the article or feature.

Michael's story always generates a public reaction and the programmes that have featured him have received a lot of positive feedback.

BBC Radio Leeds interview 12 March 2012 with Adam Pope

Talk Radio Europe Live interview 25th February 2013 with Bill Padley

BBC Radio Five Live interview 3rd February 2012 with Phil Williams

BBC Radio 2 interview 14th February 2012 with Jeremy Vine

BBC Radio Leeds 'One on One' interview 22nd December 2011 with Liz Green

BBC Radio Leeds interview 10th February 2011 with Alex Belfield

Batley News 17th December 2009

BBC Radio Leeds interview 24th November 2009 with Graham Liver

Batley News 6th August 2009

Podcast of interview with Deborah Harper of Psychjourney 10th July 2009

Talk Radio Europe Live interview 2nd July 2009 with Maurice Boland

Police Review 30th January 2009

Batley News 18th December 2008

BBC Radio Leeds interview 11th November 2008 with Graham Liver

The Press 7th November 2008

BBC Radio Five Live interview 31st October 2008 with Dotun Adebayo

Morley Literature Festival 2008

Birstall News 2nd October 2008

The Sunday Mirror 28th September 2008

BBC TV Look North interview 14th January 2008 with Christa Ackroyd

The Press 19th October 2007

Birstall News 18th October 2007

BBC Radio Leeds interview 11th September 2007 with Graham Liver

BBC Radio Five Live interview 21st August 2007 with Victoria Derbyshire

Birstall News 26th April 2007

The Press 16th March 2007

BBC Radio Leeds interview 9th March 2007 with Andrew Edwards and Georgey Spanswick

BBC Radio Five Live interview 5th February 2007 with Anita Anand

BBC Radio Leeds interview 29th January 2007 with Liz Green

BBC Radio Leeds 9th October 2006 appeared on the Martin Kelner and Julie Langford show

BBC Radio Leeds interview 8th August 2006 with Andrew Edwards

Yorkshire Evening Post 4th August 2006

BBC TV Look North interview 28th July 2006 with Danni Hewson

BBC Radio Leeds interview 27th July 2006 with Bob Walmsley

BBC Radio Scotland interview 5th June 2002 with Gary Robertson

The Sunday Times 21st April 2002


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