Anyone for Cards?

Anyone for cards?

Taken from Chapter 20 "Anyone For Cards?" - This chapter was discussed on BBC Radio Leeds on 27 July 2006 and describes one of the beatings Michael received whilst being made to play cards in a cell.

The exit was well and truly blocked off and other inmates from the landing had gathered at the door to watch my punishment. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Anyone would think that they knew I was a policeman. I stood up and held my right fist out and braced myself. Kirk slung the belt behind his shoulder with the buckle end loose. This was going to do some damage. He stared into my face and tensed up as he snatched at the belt. It slammed hard onto my knuckles. The pain was excruciating. I pulled my hand away. It swelled up within seconds and Kirk had drawn blood with the first shot. I put my injured hand under my other armpit in order to try to relieve the pain. Everyone in the room grimaced but laughed too. Kirk gestured for me to hold my hand out again. He repeated each strike with the same brutality, resulting in agony for me, and the same amused merriment from the spectators. After I had taken nine blows he allowed me to leave the room temporarily. Tears were streaming down my face and the knuckles on my right hand had swollen to such a degree that my finger went cold, as the circulation had been stemmed. The whole of my hand went blue. I really thought that I had broken bones.



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