Hypocritical Sewer Rat – Chris Huhne

Monday, 4 February 2013

In March 2009, Chris Huhne made a public announcement that any police officer convicted of a violent or dishonesty offence should be dismissed in a bid to “get tough with bad apples” in the service. I wonder if his views extend to politicians given his conviction for perverting the course of justice today following an incident where his ex-wife, Vicky Price accepted speeding penalty points on his behalf in 2003.  Pryce reported the matter to the police after learning of Huhne’s affair with his aide, Carina Trimingam.

Huhne, you are a pathetic excuse of a human being. One can only hope that justice is served and you are given a lengthy custodial sentence to consider your own future given that you are a demonstably dishonest man.

You can see my original post about Huhne here


  1. It occurs to me that you were set up for some reason or made an example of. I have come across similar cases in the past.

    When an officer is allowed to use up to deadly force in order to facilitate an arrest, then to have applied some force in making an arrest is expected. To have sustained injuries yourself suggests that the force was not at all excessive.

    In light of the Menezes case and others, it appears that Russel Jones and Walker have assisted in making an example of you for some reason that maybe you might be able to reflect upon.

    Sorry that you have had to endure this.

    Quite a number do and don’t manage to get any support. It might be time for these people to come together.

    Posted by Sansome | April 12, 2013 10:01 pm
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