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A letter to the editor…

Thursday, 08 August 2011

This link takes you to a letter dated 19th August 2011 that was sent to the Chief Executive of HarperCollins publishers by Russell Jones and Walker solicitors regarding my next book, The Dark Side. The letter was sent on behalf of my defence solicitor and counsel after I interviewed them in connection with the book. I asked them both why they had not considered using forensic psychiatric evidence to assist my defence. Both were adamant that there was no reason to consider such evidence with counsel saying that, ‘there was no suggestion that Michael Bunting had suffered and kind of mental incapacity such as to affect his ability to think rationally at the time of the incident.’

It is a matter of fact that my assailant was convicted of assaulting me after he punched me to the head and face numerous times with the force required to break one of my teeth. It is accepted that these blows were sufficient to cause a concussive state.

The evidence I obtained from a renowned forensic psychiatrist could not deviate further from the assertion made by counsel. He says, ”It can be said that acts carried out in a state of concussion are not the product of reasoned thinking. If the part of the brain that records memory is sufficiently concussed not to work properly, the parts involved in forming intent are also likely to be impaired. In this way concussion may prevent the formation of mens rea.’ 

I sent both counsel and my solicitor an email on 15th and 17th August 2011 pointing out this evidence and invited their comments.  Neither of them replied. The letter to HarperCollins was sent just a matter of days later.

As I have said from the outset (and indeed I am quoted as saying in the letter), my single intention is to print all the verifiable facts of the judicial process that led to my conviction. I have absolutely no intention of misrepresenting anyone.

I have drawn a number of conclusions from this letter.

I am currently 40,000 words in…..


Thursday, 08 August 2011

It’s been a busy week with a couple of appearances on BBC Radio Leeds commenting on the riots we witnessed last week. My views of giving tough sentences to anyone convicted of offences connected to the disorder was welcomed by many listeners. Dealing with these thugs is not rocket science; it’s simple. It does not need emergency meetings with ministers or advice from American super-cops. When it happens again, it needs plenty of police on the streets with the backing of their Chief Constables.

I am encouraged by the sentences being dished out by the courts and I hope these serve as a deterrent to any others intending to wreak havoc on our streets in the future.

Work on The Dark Side continues……

The Dark Side

Thursday, 08 August 2011

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