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Sgt Delroy Smellie

Sunday, 04 April 2010

I read this article by Leah Borromeo in The Guardian regarding the acquittal of Sgt Delroy Smellie after he had been charged with assaulting protester Nicola Fisher at the G20 demonstrations.

It’s a pity that Borromeo didn’t do a little bit more research into the law before committing herself to such a clearly emotive, prejudiced and legally flawed piece in a national ‘newspaper.’ She should have written more about the stated cases around self-defence and that what you see in a few seconds on You Tube is largely irrelevant when looking at the prosecution’s burden of proof around mens rea. The stated cases are there and given that Borromeo never has and never will understand the perception of a police officer in such circumstances, I would have thought that reliance on the law would have been the only credible way she could have written such a piece. She fails on all counts and what we have here is a piece of agenda-driven diatribe that will feed on the antagonistic tendencies of her followers and grate on the police, the people that I’m sure Borromeo would be the first to call should she find her peace being breached by the mindless protesters she conveniently omits to mention in her report.

I would recommend that she reads my book if she’s alarmed that ‘the doors are open for further police violence’ and certainly before she embarrasses herself with another unenlightened article on a subject she clearly knows nothing about

The Guardian should be ashamed of itself for allowing such hysterical nonsense into print.