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Monday, 02 February 2010

I received an email last week from Neil Askew, a gentleman who has taken it upon himself to set up a support group on Facebook. Naturally I’m very humbled that anyone would give up their time to help me, and I promised Neil that I’d mention this on my blog in the hope that you’ll log onto Facebook, type ‘a fair cop’ in the search and add your name to the group. It would be even better if you could tell¬† all your Facebook friends as well.

I’d like to thank Neil for his time and thank you all in advance for helping in this potentially massive way.

The Dark Side

Monday, 02 February 2010

I am currently researching my next book, The Dark Side, which will not only take a more detailed look at the police investigation into my case, but also at other aspects of our Criminal Justice System. Over the past 18 months or so, dozens of police officers have contacted me to give their experience of being investigated by Discipline and Complaints (PSD).¬† I would like to feature some of these cases in my book and learn more about the way they were treated by the investigating officers, their force, the judiciary and their peers. I’d also like to look at the evidence in their case and look at the punishments the courts give police officers in comparison to non-police and habitual offenders.

If you would like your case to be featured in my next book, please do get in touch preferably using the ‘contact the author’ section of my website. Anonymity will be guaranteed.