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4,000 Emails and Counting…

Wednesday, 12 December 2009

So far today I have received ten emails via my website. Last night the total number since the release of A Fair Cop was exactly 3,990. They have come from all corners of the globe – New Zealand, Australia, China, America, Canada and of course the United Kingdom. Every single one says something unique and different and makes me stop for a moment to think about the person who has given up some of his or her time to contact me.

They also have something very important in common; their contempt for the way I’ve been treated at the hands of West Yorkshire Police’s Discipline and Compaints Department (Professional Standards) and the judiciary in its handling of my case. I am yet to receive an email that does not support me and what I did at the hands of this violent thug who did what he did to me. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me in my bid to clear my name and I’ll keep my blog updated with any news once I get it. I’m expecting contact from the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the next few months. I still believe that what happened to me is not representative of the English Criminal Justice System and I hope that one day my conviction will be quashed.

Whilst composing this post, my 4,001st email came in from a Corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Edmonton, Alberta. Knowing that ‘what happened to you (me) would never happen here (Canada)’ is a source of comfort and helps me reason that even if our country has gone mad, at least the world hasn’t.