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Chris Huhne – Ignorant to the core.

Sunday, 03 March 2009

I read a very interesting article on the BBC News Website the other day which highlighted the number of police officers currently serving in England and Wales with criminal convictions. Chris Huhne, spokesman for the Liberal Democrats and even more worryingly, Shadow Home Secretary is reported to have said that ‘The public entrust the police with the use of legal force precisely because they are self-disciplined and restrained, which is why anyone convicted of a violent offence should be dismissed.’ I would be very keen to sit down with Huhne and have him tell me to my face that he thinks it is justified that I lost my job after having my face smashed in by the local thug who repeatedly punched me until my tooth crumbled in my mouth as I tried to arrest him in the course of my police duties. The force I used to defend myself rendered him uninjured. My conviction resulted in my dismissal yet this report suggests that this need not have been automatic as a senior officer within West Yorkshire Police had intimated when he dismissed me. Out of 52 forces asked, 41 gave the Liberal Democrats a breakdown of its figures relating to police convictions. Of this 41 forces, there are 1063 officers serving with convictions. West Yorkshire Police did not disclose any information in the survey.

I would appeal Mr Huhne to read about my case, and then make comment about my dismissal. It is all too easy for the likes of him to make critical judgements of officers who face the most difficult circumstances on a daily basis.

I have been criminalised because I defended myself from a drunken maniac and the conviction has had wide-reaching affects on my life to this day.  Suggesting that any officer with a conviction is a ‘bad apple’ makes him, if you’ll pardon the pun, ignorant to the core. His comments have incensed my family and I after I was out dealing with the most violent people society has to offer trying to protect the likes of him.  I would appeal to him to apply more thought (within his clearly very limited experience in this area) about individual cases before making the ridiculous assertions that he has done. I can only hope that all my readers, who have been unwaivering in their support, read this and never vote his party in, as the thought of someone like him becoming Home Secretary is truly frightening.