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Thank you

Monday, 02 February 2009

I decided long before my book was published that anyone who took the trouble to email me would get a personal response.  I am pretty sure that I’ve succeeded in my aim and I’d like to thank everyone again for the very much appreciated emails of support, of which I have had  over a thousand since my book launch in October last year. What’s even more humbling is that I have not had a single one that has condemned my actions. I’m glad my readers are able to see this for what it is. I still question the judiciary as to what it hoped to achieve by criminalising me. The retributive and adversarial agenda helped no one. It cost the tax payer tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds and as a result two people were convicted and compensated out of the same incident.

On a very positive note – Things are moving on the appeal front. It’s a slow process, but I hope to be able to report something very soon. I have also had a sneak preview of the script being written from my book for the screen. It looks fantastic and really brings the story back to life.