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Christmas Review

Sunday, 12 December 2008

Thanks to DJ Kirby for this one.

This is one of my favourite types of books. The genre has many different names; a true life story, an autobiography, a memoir, non fiction and so on.

A Fair Cop is all of those and more. I fear this review will not do it justice. I have struggled to get into words the impact it has had on me.

Michael Bunting is a very skilled writer, the story grabbed hold of me from the first page and held me engrossed till the very last word. I wanted to read it all in one sitting but the words in A Fair Cop reminded me that it is important to let life get in the way of a book, no matter how interesting the reading may be.

A Fair Cop made me reassess my priorities, revaluate all the things that I held most dear. By the time I finished reading this magnificent book I had a strong urge to hold those I love nice and close but I also felt cleansed and somehow renewed.

Although this book contains one of the most harrowing, shocking tales I have read in the past few years, it is also filled with a raw insight into the ability of the power of ‘good’ to tuck itself away in places you’d least expect.

Michael Bunting had his eyes opened to this remarkable quality by being stripped of most things that he cherished. In this memoir he shares his new found insight.

Between the covers of this book are some twisted, crazy angry people, many painful insights into the raw emotional and physical brutality of human nature but also and most importantly there are unexpectedly beautiful insights into life, fear, love, hope and kindness.

There are some amazing characters in this book and the most impressive of all is the the author himself with this display of unpretentious inner strength. I suspect that he would want to disagree with that statement as what comes across on every page is the humility of this very talented author.

I am amazed that this is his debut novel and look forward to reading anything else he chooses to write.

I was very pleased to read that Michael is writing another book.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 12 December 2008

It’s that time of year again and I would like to pass on my most sincere best wishes to you all for the festive season. I hope that 2008 brought you joy and happiness and if it didn’t, I hope you can make it happen in 2009. This year has been the most amazing year of my life. I am now a published author! It really is true that out of every problem comes a great opportunity. The one remaining thing on my New Year list is to have my conviction quashed. I will do it!! New Year, same goal!! The man who wins may have been counted out several times, but he didn’t hear the referee. Never quit or give up…..never.

Have a very peaceful and happy Christmas.

Another review.

Tuesday, 12 December 2008

Thanks very much to Shirley Wells for this one.

Book Review

Monday, 12 December 2008

I was delighted to read the following review of my book by Tim Atkinson on his blog.

Book Signing at Borders.

Wednesday, 12 December 2008

I’ll be signing books at Borders in Birstall, West Yorkshire on Sunday 14th December. I’ll be there from 1pm until 3pm and not from 12pm as suggested in my previous post.

I look forward to seeing those of you that can make it.

In Borders amongst the stars!

Saturday, 12 December 2008

I was really pleased to see my book on sale at the Birstall Borders today. It was wedged between Cherie Blair, Fern Britton, Dawn French and Jonathon Ross. It felt strange seeing my name in and amongst those.

Borders had made a real effort to place my book in as many prominent places as possible ahead of my signing there between 12 and 3pm on Sunday 14th December.

The Job is Changing.

Thursday, 12 December 2008
This is a message sent to me by a police officer who read my book.
I thought it would be of interest.

I have just bought and read your book. As a serving DS in a nearby force,
 I found I couldn\'t put it down. I joined the job early in 1994 and
 found myself smiling at many of the descriptions of training school
 you recounted. I recall the single bed, cupboard and sink along with a
 small photograph of the bed block my blankets were required to be folded
 in. We were allowed 3 items to be out on display at any time. One was
 course notes, One was an alarm clock and one was a small photograph.
 Anything else was left out and the whole lot ended up in a pile in the
 center of the room to greet you at the end of a hard days work. Always
 loved the cleaner who left a small bar of soap on a daily basis making my
 running tally 4!
I wish to offer my support small gesture that is given what you have
 been through. I have been through a lengthy investigation for ABH under
 similar circumstances. I cannot believe the pain and anguish you went
 through and if you\'ll forgive me I\'m glad now I was rightfully cleared.
 Hard to believe we can do our jobs, get assaulted, defend ourselves
 and go through months and years of worry for doing so. Sadly our job is
 changing beyond all recgnition to one where loyalty and hard work with a
 touch of bravery count for nothing to the attitudes of supervisors
 more interested in paying lip service to those that do not deserve it. I
 wish you the very best in whatever direction your new career takes you.
All the best,