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In the shops.

Sunday, 11 November 2008

Rach and I went browsing around the Leeds branch of Waterstone’s today (okay, I went specifically to hunt down copies of A Fair Cop). I was delighted to find that my book is now in stock and selling well apparently. Here is a photo of the moment I found my book on the shelves afer ten years of work. A proud day!

It wouldn’t happen in Germany.

Thursday, 11 November 2008

Of the dozens of emails that I am receiving on a daily basis, I wanted to share this one with you (with kind permission from the sender, Rita Brown). She lived in Germany until recently and made the following comments about what happened to me. I would like to say thank you to everyone sending emails. Please keep them coming. I know some police officers are unsure whether to contact me: Please do! I am as pro-police as ever and think you do a wonderful job in sometimes very difficult circumstances.  (The selected few who need not contact me know who you are.)

Anyway, here is Rita’s email.


Dear Michael
First I like to apologies about my english,but I just moved from Germany to England 3 years ago.
I was reading about your story in Sunday Mirror (28.September 08) and like I said I was shockt the way they treated you just because you defendet yourself.I thought I must have your book and went strait to the bookshop the same day and ordered it.It wasn’t even puplished by that time.Finally last week friday I received it.I finished your book within 2 days.I think about it alot and what happened to you.The Law must be changed for the sake for the Police Officers.It’s not right that people can call you all kind of names,spit at you or even beat you up and you are not aloud to defend yourself.I feel so sorry for you that you had to went through that horrible time.I wish you all the best for your future.
Only one more thing.I can tell you that something like this would never ever happen to a Police Officer in Germany.We respect our Bobbys and they have more rights to defend themself.