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Morley Literature Festival 2008

Friday, 08 August 2008

I have been asked by the organiser of this year’s Morley Literature Festival to do an event on Sunday 19th October. It’s scheduled for 12pm at Morley Town Hall and having seen the list of authors attending, I’m really pleased to have been asked. You can see more here
I was in London earlier this week for a meeting with regards the publication schedule and the PR on my book. There is lots going on and I’m pretty sure the October date is achievable. The front cover has been agreed and things are progressing nicely. It was a very productive few days.

Plenty more news on my book and the progress of my appeal to come…..

A Fair Cop taking shape

Tuesday, 08 August 2008

A Fair Cop taking shape posted by Michael on 12 Aug 2008

I’ve had a really busy week with the book and there has been significant progress. I have finally come up with an idea for a cover design (with a little help from the designer at HarperCollins). I’m not going to reveal it just yet as Clare (my publisher) has yet to okay it. I hope she will.

I’ve also just written the captions for the pictures in the plate section. I’m hoping for approval here too.

These are the bits of writing a book you can only dream of whilst slogging over the manuscript in the early hours of the morning without any firm offer of a publishing deal.

This all comes ahead of a series of meetings in London next week where I hope the book will be almost ready for print.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.