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Book update

Monday, 01 January 2008

I’ve received a lot of emails recently requesting updates on the progress of my book. Well, the update is pretty easy to summarise in that there is nothing to report at this time.

The Friday Project has attracted attention from other publishers and this has created some disruption in the publication process.

I have decided to use the extra time to embark on my first novel which will be a crime thriller. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I was really pleased to receive an invite to do an interview on the radio last week. This has been arranged to coincide with publication.

As soon as I have any further information on the progress of A Fair Cop, I’ll post it on here. All communications and enquiries have been and continue to be welcome.
Thanks for your support.

Appearance on BBC Look North

Monday, 01 January 2008

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by BBC Look North’s Christa Ackroyd today following the developments with PC Mulhall’s case.

As always, I was treated very well by everyone at the BBC office, and I’d like to thank them all for their ongoing support.

South Yorkshire Officers will not be prosecuted

Friday, 01 January 2008

The South Yorkshire Officers who arrested a violent female outside a Sheffield nightclub last year have been informed that they will not face criminal charges. Nicholas Long of the IPCC said that the force used did not constitute grounds to prosecute any officers involved in the arrest.

I am, needless to say, delighted for these officers, who were dealing with a very difficult situation. Common sense has finally prevailed. My only frustration is with the inconsistencies shown when dealing with alleged wrong-doing by police officers.