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The Writers’ Workshop

Sunday, 09 September 2007

I was delighted to read this entry on The Writers’ Workshop Blog today. Thanks, Harry.

Why don’t the police negotiate?

Tuesday, 09 September 2007

I was recently interviewed on Radio Five Live and one of the guests on the show with me was a ‘public interest’ lawyer. I explained the incident in which I was subjected to a sustained assault whilst in the course of my duty as a police officer. I told her that I was frightened, disorientated, bleeding, spitting my teeth out, unable to see properly and hurting all over my head and face. The man continued to punch me. Her response to this was, ‘You should have tried negotiating with your assailant rather than use force.’ I was convicted and sent to prison for common assault as I tried to defend myself from him despite the fact that he’d been convicted of assaulting me. I’d be interested in your thoughts…

The Final Edit

Tuesday, 09 September 2007

After having had significant interest from The Friday Project publishers, I am happy to say that the manuscript of A Fair Cop was submitted last week for consideration. I was delighted to receive a contract from them on 7/9/07 – my 34th birthday! I’ll post any new information as it arrives and I hope that the book shall be available in 2008.

BBC Radio Leeds

Tuesday, 09 September 2007

I had the pleasure of being invited back to the BBC today at Leeds where I was interviewed by Graham Liver. This is the first interview I’ve done that was specifically about my book, A Fair Cop. It went really well, and Graham, just like everyone I’ve met there, was really friendly and helpful to the cause.