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After a successful 2 and a half-year period and a number of commendations for his good police work, Michael transferred to the busy Leeds City Centre division at Millgarth Police Station. His experiences varied here from working on the Retail Crime Unit to the Task Force. In early 1997 he arrested the then Leeds United and England midfielder Carlton Palmer for indecent assault and disorderly conduct. He was convicted of both (Chapter 7 – Football Crazy).

On the evening of Sunday 24th August 1997 Michael attended an incident in the Burley area of Leeds. This resulted in him being assaulted several times about the head and face. His assailant was convicted and Michael received compensation for his injuries which kept him off work for several weeks. The incident also resulted in Michael’s summons to court charged with assaulting his assailant. In August 1999 Michael was convicted at Leeds Crown Court of common assault. He was acquitted of the more serious offence of causing actual bodily harm as his assailant had not been injured. A Fair Cop describes the incident and the subsequent trial faced by him.

On September 8th 1999, the day after his 26th Birthday, Michael was given a four-month prison sentence for common assault. The book follows his journey as he tries to survive the most hostile environment that any serving police officer could face – prison. The book is factual and graphic as Michael is kept in solitary confinement in a category B prison and it describes the dangers faced in the less secure prison, Ford, West Sussex where he was subjected to numerous episodes of physical abuse.

On 11th October 1999 Michael was released. He was held on a Home Detention Curfew (electronically tagged) for a further month. In November that year he embarked on a training course in sports therapy which he completed in February 2000. During this time Michael attended at his disciplinary hearing where he was dismissed from West Yorkshire Police resulting from the events from over 2 years earlier. He now runs a successful sports injury clinic and is currently working as a lecturer for the company with which he trained upon his release from prison. He spent the first four years after his release writing A Fair Cop.


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