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Michael and his father

Michael with his father in 1995

Michael Bunting was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire on 7th September 1973. His mother, Diane interrupted her teaching career to bring him up with his older sister, Helen in Birstall. His father was a police officer of senior rank. From an early age Michael showed a keen interest in his father’s career and set his heart on following in his footsteps and becoming a policeman.

Between the ages of 4 and 7 years he attended at Brownhill Infants School and moved onto the junior school until the age of 11. In September 1985 he began his secondary education at Batley Grammar School for Boys.

In 1990 Michael achieved 11 GCSE passes – 7 at grade A and 4 at grade B. He became one of a small number of prefects as he entered the sixth form where he continued his studies at A-level in French, English, geography and general studies. He spent the summer of 1991 doing voluntary work in a youth hostel in Paris where his French became fluent.

In October 1992 he began his further education at Nottingham Trent University as he embarked  on a degree course in French and linguistics. He cut his studies short in order to follow his dream and on 29th March 1993 he began his career as a police officer.

Following a 15-week residential training course, Michael began his first posting at Dewsbury Division, the town in which he had been born over 19 years earlier. He was stationed at Cleckheaton Police Station where some of the incidents he dealt with, including attending his first hanging, are detailed in the book (Chapter 3 – Rich Man Hanging).

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